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Snake For The Beginner I – Corn Snake

Corn snakes (Elaphe guttata) make a fantastic choice just like a pet lizard. Pet corn snakes are often docile, easy to take care of, and do not get too large. They are excellent escape artists, however, so care ought to be taken when planning their housing.

Corn snakes make your best option for beginners because they are easy to handle and take proper care of. However, they are also faves with experienced proprietors due to the vast number of beautiful colors and fashions selective breeding has produced

Corn snakes are carefully connected with rat snakes (rat snakes also participate in the genus Elaphe). Sometimes corn snakes may also be referred to as red-colored-colored rat snakes, mainly the amelanistic (missing brown or black coloration) versions. Corn snakes are native south eastern United states . States and so are mainly land dwelling. They are active mainly throughout the evening or at night and beginning.

Pet Qualities and Factors:

Size: corn snakes achieve a grownup size 3-5 foot (every so often around 6 foot)

Existence time: around 15-2 decades, sometimes longer.

Cost: the snakes are relatively affordable, bear in mind there is a substantial cost to buy the right equipment.

Feeding: snakes are carnivores, meaning entrepreneurs ought to be anticipate to provide prey (in this particular situation rats) to own lizard.

Cages: corn snakes do not have elaborate housing needs, but ought to be inside an escape-proof enclosure.

Legal aspects: make certain to consider the authenticity of foreign pets in your neighborhood.

When choosing a lizard, a captive bred specimen may be the finest choice and cannot be too nearly impossible to find since corn snakes breed fairly readily in captivity. Look for a lizard that’s well fleshed with apparent eyes, no cuts or scrapes, no signs and signs and symptoms of mites or ticks, a clean vent, then one that’s alert and moving its tongue.

Corn Lizard Cares


Choosing a good cage can be a necessity for proper corn lizard care. A 20 gallon extended (i.e. longer, not too deep version) comprises a significant cage for just about any corn lizard. The key part is to find a good fitting lid that might be held lower. Corn snakes will push within the lid utilizing their noses trying to find flaws and so the fit in the lid is important.


Numerous materials can be used substrate. Newspaper might be the utilitarian choice – it is extremely easy to cleanup, nevertheless the appearance inside the cage leaves somewhat being preferred. Indoor/outdoors carpeting (“Astroturf”) might be used, so when you cut two pieces you’ll be able to rotate them by altering the clean one for your dirty one at cleaning time, and completely washing and becoming dry the soiled one. Pine bark chips are one additional choice – the chips soiled with feces can simple be scooped out, together with an intensive cleaning done if needed. Aspen shaving might be used in the same manner, despite the fact that its likely wise to gradually slowly move the lizard with a separate container for feeding to make sure that the contaminants aren’t inadvertently consumed. Sand, soil, corncob, pine contaminants and cedar plank plank contaminants aren’t good options.


Hiding spots needs to be provided – a hide box (any closed in container as being a pressboard box can do) needs to be provided that’s just large enough for your lizard to unwind in (whether it’s too large the lizard will not feel as secure). Pieced of bark can offer hiding spots if around the substrate that allows those to burrow under them. Ideally, a hiding place needs to be accessible both in cooler and warmer finishes in the enclosure. A branch needs to be ship to climbing.


A water dish can also be necessary, as well as the water needs to be saved completely clean. Snakes frequently defecate inside their water, through which situation it must be immediately cleaned. Huge dish several inches across comprises a great water source. You will probably find you lizard soaking inside the dish, particularly before an outbuilding.


Maintaining the cage within the correct temps are essential to proper proper care of any reptile. A temperature gradient around 70-85 F (21-29 C) needs to be maintained inside the cage. Under tank warmth pads or warmth tape might be used, but place only under half the tank so there is a gradient from cooler to warmer. An overhead incandescent light could also be used to provide the heat gradient or just like a supplemental basking place. Corn snakes originate from a temperate climate so that they have no need for tropical temps!


You’ll find no special light needs for corn snakes.


Corn snakes needs to be given pre-destroyed rats or small rats (small rats are simply right for bigger corn snakes). Hatchlings are started on pinkie rats for feedings and just how large the prey is elevated since the lizard evolves. The prey item is frequently as wide or possibly just a little wider in comparison to snakes mind. Youthful growing snakes needs to be given a couple of occasions each week, while grownups just have get one correctly sized prey item every week or 10 days.

It isn’t unusual for your appetite to express no at concerning the duration of your shed, so feeding frequency might be reduced once the appetite reduces.


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4 thoughts on “Snake For The Beginner I – Corn Snake

  1. Corn snakes are not lizards. Either a mistranslation, or you are too thick to own a snake.

    Posted by Arejze | April 10, 2012, 1:52 am
  2. Did you even proof read this before you posted it? Luckily I could guess what you were trying to say.

    Posted by Melisd13 | May 24, 2012, 10:15 am

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