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Madagascar Ocelot Gecko

Madagascar Ocelot Gecko

Madagascar ocelot geckos (Paroedura pictus) are nocturnal terrestrial geckos within the dry regions in southern Madagascar (Henkel and Schmidt, 1995). Throughout every single day they may be found hiding under rocks, loose bark, leaf litter or burrowed in sand. They get a complete quantity of about 5 inches (Bartlett and Bartlett, 1995). They are also known as “large-headed geckos” because of their large heads. You’ll find two color pattern types, chocolate chocolate chocolate candy striped or banded. Sex is made the decision within the same age and manner since the Central American banded gecko.

Like the Central American banded gecko, a breeding pair or trio (one male and 2 women) of Madagascar ocelot geckos are very suitable for existence inside the plastic shoebox or 10-gallon terrarium. Since the Madagascar ocelot gecko evolves in the drier climate than its Central American cousin, take advantage from the drier 2-inch combination of thirty percent peat moss moss moss moss peat moss moss moss moss moss to 70 % sand. Daily temps should be 82 to 88 levels Fahrenheit (Bartlett and Bartlett, 1995). Again, 3-week-old crickets medicine regular food staple three or four occasions weekly, with mealworms together with other live food items formerly pointed out given as snacks. Take advantage from the water dish or spray the edges inside the terrarium with water daily.

This gecko might be a prolific breeder. Women lay their fragile eggs, around 20 to 30 of people per season, directly inside the sand for that finish inside the terrarium (Glaw and Vences, 1994) however, these geckos relies on a nest box you are present. Calcium supplementation is very imperative that you high-frequency egg layers like the Madagascar ocelot gecko. Without sufficient calcium reserves, a lady quickly touches away her supply relaxing the large levels of eggs, putting her existence at risk.


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