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Proper proper care of Pet House Geckos

Proper proper care of Pet House Geckos

Species Title:

Hemidactylus frenatus

Common names: House gecko, common house gecko, Asian house gecko

Existence Time:

5-10 years

About House Geckos:

Common house geckos acquire a grownup duration of 3-5 inches (total length). Their color varies the in the yellow-colored tan color with increased brown spots or blotches inside the light with a pale greyish-white-colored they often times appear more pale throughout the evening. They have specialized feet pads that let them effortlessly move along vertical surfaces and upside lower.

Housing House Geckos:

A 20 gallon tall terrarium is sufficient for any couple of house geckos, but bigger is way better. Keep in mind that house geckos need vertical space for climbing so take advantage of the tall tank. Men’re territorial so should just be saved anyone to a cage, but women jump on.


The substrate for house geckos needs to be a thing that keeps moisture, for instance reptile bark or shredded coconut fiber bedding.


House geckos need room to climb, so provide branches, driftwood, and silk or live plants. Furthermore they require hiding spots for instance reptile caves or small clay plant containers situated on their own sides. Provide enough hides to supply multiple geckos space to pay for from each other. Just a little shallow water dish might be provided, with freshwater daily, nonetheless they may prefer to drink from water small tiny droplets on leaves.

Temperature :

A daytime temperature gradient of 75-90 F (24-32 C) needs to be provided, getting a drop at nightime to 65-75 F (18-24 C). Warmth might be provided a ceramic warmth element or reptile lights in the reflector, or warmth pad beneath the terrarium. White-colored incandescent lights or blue reptile lights might be used, only throughout evening several hours. A red-colored-colored evening time bulb can be used warmth throughout the evening.

Lighting for House Geckos:

Golden geckos are nocturnal so have no need for special Ultra purple lighting. However, many experts feel delivering Ultra purple lighting is still beneficial for the general health of nocturnal animals.


House geckos need a moderate to mugginess level goal for 60-seventy five percent relative humidity (take advantage of the hygrometer to measure). Provide humidity with regular mister the geckos will most likely drink from water small tiny droplets left within the mist.


House geckos needs to be given numerous smallish prey items. Crickets can in the primary part of the diet, with the aid of fruit flies together with other small flies, silkworms, the periodic mealworm, together with other insect prey. Prey needs to be stomach loaded right before feeding, and dusted getting a calcium mineral two to three occasions each week together with a multivitamin once weekly. Feed during the night juveniles needs to be given daily but grownups might be given almost daily (feed as much prey because the house gecko will consume eagerly).


Common house geckos are indigenous to numerous southern Asia, but established breeding population in several other warm areas around the world. They are thought to are becoming this kind of effective invasive species laregly by hitchhiking on ships together with other transport, but entrepreneurs should try not to lead for the problem by delivering pets.

While house geckos live in less resided on areas too, they are generally found around human habitation, like the walls and roofs of houses, that’s how their title came into being. They are effective in keeping insect populations in check.


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