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Zebra Mice


Within the Lemniscomys genus you’ll find eight species L.griselda, L. linulus, L. rosalia, L. roseveari, L. striatus, L. macculus, L. bellieri and L. barbarus. It is the last species this text will focus on, since it is most likely probably the most generally saved species.

Zebra rats result from central to Nigeria (Morocco mole to Tunisia, Senegal to Sudan and Tanzania).

The initial component that certain would notice relevant for this species may be the attractive stripes of brown, black, and aficionado running laterally decrease your body – within the sharp shoulder to the extended delicate tail. The under part is usually off-white-colored to aficionado. There’s a coat of coarse, rough fur, which sometimes appear spiny. Obtaining a slim, slender physique they could frequently look unhealthily thin but – be confident – it’s very normal. A grown-up might be from 10-14cm plus another 10-15.5cm for your tail, developing a maximum total duration of 29.5cm though mine is a lot more like 23cm.

A existence expectancy near to 4 years is substantially reduced to 18 several days inside the wild.

The rats are generally terrestrial, but have a very great capacity to climb. They are conventional dry savannahs and steppes* alongside Sahara desert. They develop runs (pathways) to produce a simple system internally connected areas worth addressing e.g. food, nest, and water.

They are called ‘Zebra Mice’, ‘Striped Grass Mice’, ‘African Chocolate candy striped Mice’ and frequently lazily the abbreviation ‘SGM’ may be used.

*Steppes are large parts of grassland with no trees.


An all-natural diet of grass, seed items, crops and frequently bugs might be easily reintroduced in to a captive atmosphere.

An average rodent mix covers the seed items and crops in the diet, while fruit and vegetables can fulfil the ‘herbivorous’ area of the diet. Cooked meat or dry cat food can supplant the bugs.

Wearing weight leading to being overweight is not a problem within the species, so avoidance of peanut, sunflower together with other such seed items is not totally necessary.

My individuals will readily consume many fruits and vegetables including yams, carrot, apple, kiwi, blueberry, broccoli, dried bread bread toasted, and unsweetened wheat grains toast.

They’re doing seem to overeat of food with their low weight and small size. Fresh meals appears being eaten faster to dried food.

Water is clearly should be offered whatsoever occasions though like a desert/semi desert species little water is consumed, therefore you need to ensure water is not allowed to spoil.

Food might be provided in bowls because it will not be spread – water may also be offered in using this method but a bottle is preferred to reduce the risk of water ‘going off’.


I have found that like a dark and undisturbed habitat – I’ve attempted personally an ex-display cabinet with glass sliding entrance doors in-front. I did so have to cut large ventilation holes, that people then engrossed in mesh. Despite the fact that this set-up may be preferred they’ll still live and breed in the standard terrarium (outdated aquarium).

Regardless of the type of enclosure, it must be surprisingly than 2 foot extended then one ft tall and deep. A mesh lid is required for tanks.

As stated earlier, despite the fact that they are generally a terrestrial species they’ll climb- and luxuriate in carrying this out. Their habitat needs to be furnished in order to accomplish this branches, ropes and over the counter available constructs may be used.

A nest box is not entirely needed and is periodically used, simply because they seem to possess squabbles by which either must resign for the ‘dog house’.

A shallow layer of contaminants will probably be sufficient as burrowing is not a significant pastime and bedding of several sorts needs to be provided. Hay and tissue will shred with a feathery fine, highly insulation ball like nest, I expect the thickness in the materials will be to pay for your thin coat round the cold desert nights and being solitary animals they do not benefit from the body warmth of others.


The most effective breeding set-up can be a pair – trios are often seen but is much more volatile. Consider the behaviour section to find out more.

Mating is a pretty manic procedure including huge amounts of chasing after after and possibly fighting. Oestrus lasts 3-5 days and youthful will probably be born a three week period after effective copulation. Litters ranges from 1 to 12 but 2-5 are most frequent. Their eyes will open at 6-8 days and they’re going to eat solids at 14 days [full-sized is accomplished at 6 several days]. Some, when saved together, can produce a litter each and every 21-25 days. Males will achieve sexual maturity at 2.5 several days while women could make the very first litter at 5 several days as well as the last at 14 several days.

I have learned, and agree, the babies when furred appear like mint humbugs with tails!

For women who live 2 pairs of pectoral hard nipples and two pairs of inguinal hard nipples.


I’m it known that Zebra rats certainly are a very volatile species, and established pairs, trios and colonies are susceptible to explosions of aggression (especially if not litter mates). This may lead to bitten ears, tails and frequently body blows, which regularly finish in dying. It’s mainly the key reason why people are often observed with abnormally short tails and missing or damaged ears.

Being from the nervous disposition they are not easily handled and may flee if due to the possibility. I have discovered they’ll frequently feign dying (play dead) then when in this particular condition they might be ‘scruffed’ i.e. held with the nape in the neck – they’ll freeze thus enabling inspection and transportation.

They’ll chew soft plastics and forest but avoid brittle materials.

It’s tough to introduce two adult rats connected having a sex combination. It is possible which i’ve succeeded though I’m it absolutely was a fluke. The blending of two separate litters will probably have a very bloody and fatal outcome. To find out more reference the ‘Introducing Animals’ article.

They are every once in awhile crepuscular and nocturnal.


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